About Us



I am Muhammad Ali Khokhar. I started AIMSVision back in 2007 with the name of AISMWebCo. It was all started due to an automation project revolving around in our campus, when I was in 6th semester for my degree in Bachelor of Information Technology Hons. from Punjab University Lahore Pakistan.

Now that small company of 5 young people has evolved from a startup business to an ongoing business. We have converted from AIMSWebCo. AIMSVision and that was a journey of almost 8 years now.

I have a team of 8 enthusiastic people now. And we all are looking forward to provide best quality services to our clients.

Below are some pictures of our office and faculty we are working from for you. So feel confident that we will be there for you any time you want us to.

Best Regards,

Muhammad Ali

CEO AIMSVision Pakistan.

IMG_20151201_093936937 IMG_20151201_093947644_HDR