What is SEO? In my opinion and is it so hard to achieve results for SEO?

ByMuhammad Ali

What is SEO? In my opinion and is it so hard to achieve results for SEO?

Hi every one,

Before start discussing the topic. Let me tell you that I really am not that savvy with SEO nitty gritty. But yes we have spend time with this subject so details here are for review, and you need to verify these from other authentic resources.

But yes I am certified at http://www.seocertification.org/profile/1701 just in case you want to know.

Lets start the topic:

So SEO – abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization – as you all know. But what it is? a million dollar question. As every one on INTERNET world needs to find out what exactly it is?

When I started working over this subject of SEO. The first thing I learned was “Content Is The King” which at that time made very less sense than what it is now. As I know when ever some one will start discussing this topic they will start it with – SEO is on-page and off-page and bla bla bla. Why I said bla bla bla? because there are as many answers of this question as many experts are there. Actually it does not have an identical answer to it.

But yes, now things are a bit clearer than what they were back in 2006 when I started working over it. Now there are experts for this subject and they really know the basic model of SEO and how this really works. I will share how and what I have been able to learn about this. As said earlier I am not an expert but will share what I have learned during past years as a student of SEO.

First of all, after revolving around INTERNET and searching a lot of stuff. And following every other expert on SEO. The thing I learned was, the best place to learn SEO is Google itself. As no one knows better than I know myself. For sure I will hide parts of my personality to keep my image up on the mark for others to see. Same is with the Google. They know best what SEO is as they have created it. And they will try to share as much as good for their business. After all Google is a Business – which defines as to maximize the profits – and that what they really want to. Follow the link below to find out what Google is telling us about SEO.


Why I emphasized that Google is a business, because you will find them not telling as much as you need. They always leave things for you to explore. For sure Coca Cola will not tell its formula for Coke ever.

On top para I have told the first thing I learned was “The Content Is The King”. And that still true. As all the time once we are done with our website optimized for SEO by having all our keywords focused as they supposed to. What we do is making content for the website, or sharing content of the website thats it.

So in my opinion SEO is not as difficult as it looks. Once you understand why you are doing? and what you are doing? Both the question are very important to be answered before you start working on any SEO work.

After all the details above. Now heres how I perceived and executed my SEO learning. I asked few question to myself and then started searching for answers. I will try to give you points based answers which made it easy for me to understand SEO.

  • What is Search Engine how does it work?
    • A search  engines does three things mainly
      • Crawling & Indexing
      • Use Algorithms To Complies Results
      • Apply Filters To Find Quality Results

Once I had the answers to these questions which I actually found from Google itself – you can follow the link below to learn more –


I made it easy for myself and reduce my search from a lot of vague questions to these three solid questions.

  • How I make Google to crawl and index my website?
  • How I make Google algorithm to choose my website while compiling results.
  • How I make Google not to filter my website as low quality websites.

So I started searching for the first question. And found an answer by Google itself here:


Same happen for the second question and the third on following links respectively.



That was it. Now I know how Google will crawl, index, pickup my page through algo, and filter my page from search results. So things were easy to handle.

Now I just have to keep myself updated with latest Google changes, I have the below page bookmarked to know this.


As Indexing and Crawling is something I do not have to worry about until I have not made mess on the website coding and optimization.

And thats how I been able to get some success in SEO. Now we own top spot in more than 1200 keywords and we keep them there on top.

Hope you enjoyed the topic. I tried to share how I learned it. I hope it will help some one out there. If it did then my job is well done!

Best Regards,

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